KALLERON - A Fractured World of Elemental Power

Before the days of present knowledge, lives were lived in forgotten mists and tales were spoken in unknown tongues. These peoples, spread across the world, knew of no Gods; had no need of them. In the days before modern men and women sought meaning, the forgotten ones knew of Earth and her sisters. They whispered of the secretive Wind, sailed the oceans by Water’s grace, and feared the other—the Great Destroyer, Fire.


But those people are long gone, their culture lost, and none know why. All that was left were their footsteps in the sand and their mysterious temples on the plains and in the mountains. New nations rose from the inexplicable ending of the old ways. And the Elementals fell quiet. All except Earth who wandered alone in the changing world. Earth the curious. Earth the aloof. Trapped in her physical form, this immortal creature could be seen under the light of the moons, Noctyrne and Ambyr. The precious stones across her naked skin sparkling in the azure glow, her marble flesh reflecting the Amber fire. No man could look upon that sublime visage, no woman could stare into her depthless, blood ruby eyes.


The new men, joining with their women, spread upon the face of the Elemental’s skin and found the ancient temples. In time, the wisest scholars deciphered what they could of the decaying symbols. They found a name for the lonely Earth and they called the enigma, Kor’A. And though they thought her a God, she paid no heed of their adulation and ignored their growing prayers. Until one day.


The wisest of Kalleron’s Kings, a man so impressive they called him Kalle the Golden, found a weakness in the Elemental’s immortal armour. Her mind. Her broken psyche. And Kalle the Golden formulated a ruse so devious, so spectacular, that one day he returned from the plains with Kor’A by his side. His consort, his new Queen. And together they ruled the land.


Proclaiming his own immortality, Kalle sent his Queen to do his bidding. In time, her peaceful name was lost and her title became fear. Under the King’s deception, Kor’A travelled to those cities that refused to surrender to his will. And what was stone was hers to take. She decimated Tormelor, the valley of seven cities. Brave and proud Thania blew away as dust. Even the mighty King Baza’rad fled Bruhada to save his people. All fell before the Elemental weapon that was the Terrible Queen of Kalleron. All hope seemed lost.


But even the darkest night faces its dawn, bringing with it a new age of heroes. And though tales would speak of impossible deeds, in Kalleron, nothing is written in stone.