James D. McEwan

Enter a New World of Fantasy


James D. McEwan


Hi, I’m James D. McEwan and I welcome you to my world. I released my debut epic-fantasy, Hammer & Glass, in November 2022, and I’m already working on the rest of the Kalleron series. I write more than fantasy, though, and my new novel, M7RRORS, is out now.


To view my writing alcove, one might experience a sense of disappointment. Contrary to what film & TV has dictated, a wall papered in chaotic sticky notes is not my style. The creative chaos I draw upon runs rampant within my mind. As though little monsters from a Terry Pratchett story, I imagine if I tried to pin things down, they’d grow teeth and lacerate me with paper cuts. No, my imagination is free, unshackled by expectation and yellow paper squares. It is busy up there.

I am hopeful there are readers out there looking for something other than commercial and mainstream literature. Fantasy that doesn’t need super-powered dragons or inexplicable sorcery. Characters that don’t come from clunky, pre-assembled moulds. Heroes that can be villains, and villains that can be saviours. As the banner at the top of the page says, I am trying to create a new world of fantasy. If you are ready for the journey, I’d welcome you by my side. Bards need not apply.

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