Enter a New World of Fantasy

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For one man, love is a riddle hidden behind a veil of delusions and reality; a self-medicating psychiatrist, a bitter misogynist called frank, and Sean, the talking blue tiger. He’s pretty sure the cat’s not real, but what about the girl of his dreams? What about Jenny? Can she save his soul before the illness spirals out of control? This is Glasgow, and this is not a love story.

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Hammer & Glass: Kalleron Book IV
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Time’s shadow dulls even the greatest legends, but when an Elemental child arrives at his door, an old King rises to face his final destiny. Chara—abandoned by her godlike mother—is a fragile gem with onyx skin and a heart of diamond. Swearing to keep her safe, and with brutal hammer in hand, the King and child set off on an incredible journey, the consequences of which will forever change the face of Earth.

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Kalleron Book I

Coming Spring 2023.

It started with a cult. They sought to free an Elemental Queen; dared to challenge the might of Kalleron. They could not know what was to follow. Join Petra and her crew as the world shapes itself under a new power. Discover the heartache and drama that set an insignificant Larian pirate on a path to eternity. Live the origins of a tale centuries in the making. Experience the melody and the majesty in Kalleron, book I.

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