What is M7RRORS?


7 Mirrors is a dark, humorous love-story that follows the downward spiral of a delusional Glasgow psychotic whose mental illness delivers both profound suffering and incredible friendship. Smitten by Jenny, a new acquaintance whose very presence summons rainbow sparkles and sensory overload, the unnamed protagonist finds themselves with a terrible conundrum: What the hell is Jenny?

While he struggles to stay in control of his own dysfunctional reality, our hero has his hands full with his long time ‘friend’, Frank. A caricature of misogyny and bitter animosity toward all good things, Frank’s sole purpose is to deliver a constant barrage of vitriol. Worse, he despises Jenny.

Things take a strange turn when the court-mandated sessions with Dr MacNeill, a dope-smoking psychiatrist, deliver a new friend. Sean, a friendly blue tiger, whose words float with the weight of an iconic Scot’s actor, appears as a salve to the protagonist’s fractured mind.

Although his relationship with Jenny is developing, there are signs that all is not as it ought to be. As Jenny’s sexuality becomes clear, Frank’s misogynistic tendencies are replaced by homophobia. Despite the support Jenny affords, the relentless weight of real life takes its toll. Old demons rise in the dark and even Dr MacNeill appears to be vulnerable to the vagaries of cruel life.

With his world falling apart, and the borders between reality and delusion breaking down, his only constant is Jenny. A potty-mouthed princess from Fife; has she come to save the day? Or is her presence the push that will send him over the edge to meet his nemesis, the dreaded Warlock?

M7RRORS is a love story that transcends reality and sexuality. It is a tale of two damaged souls bound by fickle fate and shackled to the harsh reality of everyday life. And though there are those who romanticise the affairs of two broken hearts, M7RRORS is the darker reflection of that dream. Forget a fanciful romance of fresh roses and glittering diamonds. This is damp tenements and broken Buckfast bottles. M7RRORs is a Glasgow love story.

M7RRORS, paperback (cover spread). Design and layout copyright, James D. McEwan.

Book cover for 7 Mirrors by James D. McEwan

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