Kalleron—the saga begins.

Melody & Majesty (Kalleron Book I) is out now! The project, which began in 2016, is back on track with a new story that follows the developing arc of Petra’s story. If you’ve been generous enough to read Hammer & Glass (book IV), you’ll have already been introduced to our hero. One-hundred years is a long time to stick around, so the two versions of Petra differ in some vital areas. The developments of her timeline are best described in relation to Star Wars. If you watched Episode IV: A New Hope, watching Episode One (you know, the bad one with Jar-Jar Binks) won’t spoil the fun. If you reverse the order, I’d suggest that Episode IV would dilute the experience of watching Episodes II & III. Although, a friend reassured me that wouldn’t be the case. Episodes II & III of Star Wars reveal how Anakin becomes Vader. Petra’s nothing like Vader, but the analogy stands. It’s your call in which order you read them—I’m just happy if you do. Please leave a review on Amazon if you enjoy them. Feedback means everything to indie-authors.

I never intended to release the middle at the beginning—that was the consequence of agent rejections and a by-product of how publishing works. You can read about that here. To cut a long story short, I wasn’t content to let another story die in darkness. So, with plentiful positive feedback, I decided to self-publish the story agents didn’t want. You should give it a read—it might surprise you what agents reject out of hand. Regardless, this is where I am now.

With the release of Melody & Majesty, the Kalleron saga now has a definitive starting point. An origin story that fills in the gaps left open in Book IV. The book blurb for the story is here, so I’ll not rehash it again. I have tried to mirror the style of Hammer & Glass, although the pacing and introduction of a new world requires more depth than Hammer & Glass offers. It’s almost like those quirky pilot episodes for TV shows where the need to describe the new cast shows in clunky dialogue. I don’t do that though. I introduce Petra to the reader during a drunken bar fight.

Melody & Majesty has taken a long time to arrive, and I’m hopeful you’ll stick around for the entire saga. It’s going to take a few years to complete. I’ll begin Book II next week with a planned release for Sept/Oct 2023. I’ll order some author copies and try to get the good folk on Instagram to give a home to my new book. I’m counting on reviews, and some good PR to make this work.


For now, I’m going to take a few days off. I’ve published three novels in six months. I think I’m due for a break.


As an indie-author, I don’t have the pervasive clout of the big-publishers and I’m at the mercy of social media algorithms. If you genuinely like what I write, please share, because it’s your word that will make this dream come true.