Melody & Majesty: Kalleron Book I

Melody & Majesty: Kalleron Book I

Kalleron Book I
Trilogy of Tears
Published by James D. McEwan
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Trilogy of Tears

The old gods have fallen into myth. Humankind has moved on, and Water, Wind and Fire are nothing more than fable. Over time, new gods appeared, and they offered hope and prosperity where the old gods gave none. Yet one elemental has remained bound to the world. The curious and wandering Earth. Sublime in her human guise, she is a treasure to behold, and a weapon to control. In Kalleron, the ‘immortal’ King Kalle coveted the powers of Earth, and with deceit and ingenuity, he fooled the elemental into becoming his Queen. No longer a wandering creature of curious intent, the King gave her purpose, and that purpose is destruction.


In cold Laria, far from the reach of the weaponised elemental, Petra and her companions live carefree from the whims of fate. Sailing, and trading, fighting and drinking; the world is theirs for the taking. It is a life that cannot continue. Petra’s lover, Felicitra, loyal to a cult which opposes Kalleron’s rule, is called by duty to face a mortal threat. Across the sanctuary of the ocean, the immortal King Kalle has set his sights on Arkalla. To Petra’s horror, Felicitra is returning home to save her father before the Terrible Queen of Kalleron brings the King’s wrath to bear.


Drawn to a treasonous cult to follow in Felicitra’s steps, Petra risks becoming an unwitting pawn in a game of wicked fate—a play of legends and gods. If she chooses their path, she will face the retribution of Kalleron. If she walks away, Petra will never find out what happened to her lover. Without Felicitra to calm her riotous heart, her oldest and closest friend, Shadow, is the ice to her fire. Petra is her own nemesis, and inside her soul there is a rising red mist. Can Shadow steady her wayward path, or is the feisty Larian a force of chaos whose rage even the gods can’t temper? A tale of humanity and heart, intrigue and treason; Melody & Majesty is the beginning of the epic Kalleron saga.  

Review Excerpts for Melody & Majesty:

Melody & Majesty is an enthralling and unforgettable read. If you're seeking a book that will whisk you away to a world of courage, with characters that will leave a lasting impression, then this is the one for you.

--Martyna (UK)
It’s beautifully written, with realistic and multifaceted characters. The Elemental Queen is an enigma. It’s a roller-coaster of a story with plot turns toward the end that had me up way past my bedtime
--Carolyn (UK)
I found myself utterly immersed in this, Book I, of the series. You immediately feel at home with the group of companions and their adventures
--J Evans (UK)
Whilst book 4 is still my favourite, this is another amazing addition to the Kalleron Series...  The future of this series looks amazing, and I can't wait to keep falling in love with the amazing world and characters.
--Flynn (UK)
337 pages | 978-1-7391270-4-6 | May 14, 2023

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