New Release: Blood & Fury, Kalleron Book III

Cover image of Blood and Fury: Aracyse kneeling against a background of fire and fury

Blood and Fury, Book III of the Kalleron series, is now available. It follows Petra’s journey as she and the companions come to terms with how Kor’A has irrevocably transformed her world. The elemental corruption works in Aracyse’s favour, and the new alliance offers a transient peace. Kalle will come, but in the precious moments of calm, Aracyse plans for the end. With the new power in An’Korathall, the Northern Lands are no longer a harmless backwater. Inevitably, foreign faces appear as Kalleron tests for weaknesses, and cold Laria seeks its own answers. Aracyse moves to bring a prized asset from Etherus, and in doing so, he exposes a more human side. After a fateful incident involving Kalle’s trusted overseer, the King finally shows his hand. The sands of time are flowing and Aracyse seeks assurances from Petra she will protect those closest to him. With his affairs in order, the legendary General makes final preparations for Kalle’s retribution. When it arrives, Aracyse knows what must be done. Bloody and fury is coming. It is time to settle an age-old score. It is time for legends to rise.