Blood & Fury

Blood & Fury: Kalleron Book III

Kalleron Book III
Trilogy of Tears
Published by James D. McEwan
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Is it a curse or a gift? General Aracyse understands the weight Petra bears on her shoulders, but her power is rising. Under her protection, the marble city of An’Korathall is a bastion of safety. While Petra struggles with the new life Kor’A has given her, Aracyse marches toward his own destiny. His betrayal of the King is an insult that cannot go unanswered. He knows the sands in the hourglass will run out, and when they do, Kalle the Golden will bring his wrath to the new world. Fearful of the weapons the King controls, Aracyse orders an expedition to Etherus. To Petra’s dismay, Shadow volunteers to travel on the perilous mission.

Closer to home, the bond between Petra and Argan grows. His royal line has granted him an insight into Petra’s new world, but his stories hint of heartache to come. She pushes the grim thoughts away and focuses on the task at hand. She nurtures the young sisters, Thelia and Thelissa, all the while keeping a wary eye on the far horizon. In the strange days of calm, they live a charmed life. They are the real princesses of An’Korathall.

The Etherus expedition returns with Aracyse’s prize and events quickly unfold. The General faces growing threats as Kalleron shows its hand. An old friend comes to him, but his visit is not what it seems. Aracyse, seeing what carnage will come, knows what he must do. He must protect his own. He must fulfil the promise he gave his people. A journey to the marble city secures a promise from Petra. Assured by her word, Aracyse returns to face his fate. As the sands in the hourglass flow, the endgame plays out. A brave new dawn is coming. To usher it in, the old must stay behind. These days will be legend. These will be the days of blood and fury.  

361 pages | 978-1-7391270-6-0 | March 7, 2024

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