Hammer & Glass

Hammer & Glass: Kalleron Book IV

Kalleron Book IV
Trilogy of Stone
Published by James D. McEwan
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Trilogy of Stone

Her mother means the World, yet Chara has been abandoned, inexplicably left alone in the immortal citadel of An’Korathall. Naïve of the human ways, who does a lonely Elemental child turn to when the eyes of malicious men fall upon her?


There is a man in the mountains. Something her mother had said: the man who lives among stone is a man apart from flesh. This ancient force whose legend has ebbed in time; he will keep her safe. He must.


An old, reluctant power rises once again in An’Korathall, the forgotten King grumbling and reaching for his cataclysmic weapon. With his unearthly war hammer in hand, he swears to protect the child of glass.


Seeking answers to Chara’s plight, and joined by friends old and new, he learns of a terrible new threat. The Elemental covenant is in play; Fire has spread her wings. The Great Destroyer is coming to Earth.


Review Excerpts for Hammer & Glass:

I award this book 5 stars for imagination, inventiveness and originality and look forward to going back to the beginning and finding out how it all started with part 1, Melody & Majesty.

--Lindsey (UK)

You leave this book feeling like you’ve gained a family yourself and been on the epic adventure with them. It’s a book you know will stick with you forever. I can’t wait to follow the series further and see just how far this all goes!

--Flynn (UK)

The characters make this book such a joy to read ... I highly recommend spending some time in this world

--Carolee (UK)

Absolutely the best thing I've read this year and among the very best ever. A superbly crafted work of fiction which dares to rival the greatest adventures ever told.

-- Anthony Poulton-Smith (UK)

310 pages | 978-1-7391270-0-8 | November 10, 2022

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